It’s the 4th and final installment of how we can make small changes to how we eat and create big and lasting results. I’ve got a few last tips to share with you to find sustainable ways to cut back on calories.


Choose a salad or broth based soup to start your meal. It will help prevent overeating once you get to the main course. (And remember my week 3 tip to ask your waiter to package half your main in a to-go box and serve you only the other half!)


Eat more whole produce. Fruits, veggies and whole grains pack the biggest nutritional punch (vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants) for the least amount of calories. Plan your snacks and meals with these key ingredients first in mind.


Adding a little lean protein to your meals and snacks makes a big difference in helping you feel satisfied. Think white-meat poultry, fish, beans and tofu, dairy.


Cut the things you’ll miss least from your meal, and makes smart swaps.

  • Try having a burger without the bun
  • Hold the mayo on your sandwiches
  • Instead of a large whole milk latte, go with a small low-fat latte
  • Choose the thin-crust pizza instead of pan
  • Swap out a cream-based pasta sauce for a tomato-based sauce
  • Make your own dressings to limit or omit the oil
  • Choose grilled over fried
  • Fruit instead of baked goods, candy or ice cream for dessert


Coming up in my next post is how you can make small changes in how much movement you get in your daily life – away from the gym!