Senior Fitness

Rachel McDonald helps client Mary get stronger to prevent falls
Rachel McDonald helps client Mary stretch

Exercise can completely transform your life through strength gains and an increased sense of vitality. Physical activity is central in restoring or maintaining your functional independence and health, and I’ll design a program just for you, taking into account your personality, needs, goals, stage of readiness and physical activity experience.

Additionally, we can ward off inactivity-related disease and cognitive decline through safe and effective movements. There are many ways to address the various stages of cognitive decline, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, in a structured, targeted, and evidence-based fashion.

My years of training and experience have helped me to understand the unique psychological and physiological needs of senior clients.

I will assess, evaluate, and modify movements for you, creating a truly unique and personalized program.

Senior fitness programs are available in both Small Group and private Personal Training settings.