The second quick, healthy, cheap recipe I’ll share with you was pointed out to me by my sister. If YOU have any links for YOUR favorite recipe that meets those criteria, I’d love to see it!
The changes I made are:
  • I used cauliflower “rice” – brown rice would also be a great sub to keep this recipe as healthy as possible
  • To make this as quick as possible, I used pre-shredded cabbage, carrots and pre-riced cauliflower – it still came in under $10 for 4 servings
  • Again, for speed, I tossed the first seven ingredients in the pan and cooked it all together while making the scrambled eggs in another pan
  • I had been warned it was a tad bland, so I doubled the amount of ginger, garlic and did a half and half combo of olive oil and sesame oil
Learn from my mistake:
  • Don’t over cook it or you’ll end up with a bowl full of very tasty mush.
Let me know what you think if you make it!