Join my VIRTUAL Tabata Bootcamp!

June 19 – Aug 13


ONLY $29.99 for the full 8 weeks!

You’re busy during the summer! Your schedule changes, you travel, and making it to your favorite fitness classes is harder than ever. I’ve got the solution for you! My Summer 2016 Virtual Tabata Bootcamp! From your home, work, and even while traveling, if you have internet access (even on a mobile device) you’ll be able to stay fit with:

  • Daily 6-minute workouts to start your day with – Better than coffee; you’ll boost your metabolism and send your energy levels through the roof!
  • 3 times a week 30-minute workouts – Body weight strength training won’t bulk you up but it will help you get stronger and slim down.
  • Optional 60-minute cardio workout to do whenever the mood strikes!
  • 2-week meal plans for both women and men with easy-to-find ingredients and even easier preparation (if you can brown meat, you can cook these meals)
  • Daily recipes
  • Educational videos
  • Motivation, encouragement, tips and more from both the group as a whole and from me
  • The ability to track and graph all your hard work and your size and strength stats, too

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For clients participating in my Summer Fitness Challenge, any completed 30-minute and 60-minute videos will count as a class attendance!

Remember, it’s only $29.99 for the full 8-week session! You’ll pay me $20, and $9.99 to sign up with Tabata Bootcamps (if you aren’t already a member).

You do absolutely need either a resistance band or tube. You can use one you already have, but it’s easiest to use a figure-8 tube, and you can buy one from me for $15. The other “toys” (Gliding Discs, Bender Ball and Rope-Less Jump-Ropes) are optional, and only used rarely in this online bootcamp. You can get a full set of all 4 toys in a canvas Fitness with Rachel tote for $50, or individually the toys are $15 each.

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