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I am a Master Trainer with Savvier Fitness, bringing their innovative and scientifically-proven programs to the Southern California region, from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Read on to learn more about these incredible programs, and contact me if you’re interested in getting certified or if your facility would like to be a host site (which comes with some amazing perks).

BARRE ABOVE™ Instructor Certification Course

Barre Above™ classes are a hot trend today, because they combine a low impact fusion of ballet, pilates, yoga and strength training to deliver body toning for all fitness levels and ages. Barre Above™ combines the principles of the Lotte Burke method (the genesis of Barre movement) with the latest in exercise science. Barre Above™ is based on applied science to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Beginners and seasoned participants alike will be successful in your class from the beginning while feeling challenged throughout the session. Whether you have mounted barres, portable ones, chairs, or no equipment at all, this education fits clubs, studios, and independent instructors.

You can follow a set class choreography or design your own from our online library. You are further supported with new choreography and videos as part of an optional monthly add-on. You’ll learn all of the essentials of how to implement, launch and run a successful and in-demand barre program. There are no licensing fees, so sign up now to join one of my certifications and you’ll be a part of the hottest fitness trend today!

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Tabata Boot Camp Trainer Certification Course

By becoming a certified Tabata Bootcamp™ trainer, you will be able to inspire true change in your clients, helping them achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. The Tabata Bootcamp™ program is designed specifically for the fitness industry, to generate revenue for you and/or your club by providing group training revenue, individual personal training and online coaching. There are no ongoing fees for instructors and no licensing fees for clubs and facilities. You’ll receive the necessary support and resources to run your 8-week group sessions efficiently and easily, as well as the tools to empower your clients to make real change in lifestyle, eating habits, and exercise.

With your Tabata Bootcamp™ certification, you’ll gain access to the Tabata Bootcamp™ Members website, so you can run multiple groups simultaneously and easily monitor your clients’ progress and success. The website functions as a complete web community for you and your bootcamp clients. Group members have access to daily 6 minute web workouts, lifestyle tips, and meal plans and recipes, to provide them 24/7 support. The Tabata Bootcamp™ program will provide YOU ongoing support, so you can help your clients stay motivated and successfully make real change. You can customize the Tabata Bootcamp™ Members website to load your logo (or fitness club’s logo), so that when your clients visit the website, they are reinforced with your brand message and see the website as an extension of your training services. Become a Tabata Bootcamp™ instructor today!

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