My goal as your trainer is to help you live with less pain, be able to do daily activities with more energy, and be your healthiest self. Unfortunately, so much of today’s fitness business advertising seems to push people to feel negatively about their bodies so clients will come in and spend money. If you’ve seen too many ads recently of ultra-thin and “ripped” muscular bodies, and you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable with your body – let me counter that with 6 ways in which you can tune that negative message out and feel happy in your skin, right now!

#1 – Wear clothing that fits you right now. Stop trying to squeeze into clothing that you hope will fit  in the future. It’s fine to have goal clothing, but I’d suggest putting it in a separate section of your closet, or box it up. Looking at clothing every single day that you know you won’t fit stops being motivational and simply becomes depressing. And I don’t mean that you should settle into stretch pants every day! Make sure you have at least one week’s worth of clothing that fits you well, is flattering, and makes you feel awesome – and ignore the size on the label.

#2 – Stop comparing yourself to others. We’re all in different places on different journeys, so it’s not a fair comparison. Limiting your time on social media might be more beneficial than you realize. Consider “unfollowing” some friends who seem to have unrealistically amazing lives, and remember that people rarely post about their low points.

#3 – Spend time with positive and supportive people. These are the people who lift you up and believe in you, and would never break or bring you down.

#4 – Focus on what your body can do, instead of what it looks like. Maybe you get your groceries to your car without assistance, can climb several flights of stairs without getting out of breath, or have  to slow down when you’re out for a walk with your friends.

#5 – Change your perspective from working out as a punishment for what you ate at lunch or over the weekend, to a celebration that your body is healthy, able to move, and capable of so much!

#6 – Daily self-affirmations really do work. When you look in the mirror, find the things that you see in yourself that make you happy, and train yourself to focus your attention on those things instead.