About Rachel

Rachel McDonald

From my early childhood into early adulthood my life was centered around dance. I studied both locally here in Santa Barbara and nationally with several professional dance companies. Just as I became an adult, my body gave out on me in the form of tendinitis and knee failure, requiring surgery and rehabilitation, and my hoped-for dance career came to an end.

Fast-forward fifteen years until my mother in law introduced me to Zumba – and I became a dancer again! Zumba allowed me to forget about technique, and focus on the joy of movement and music, all while exposing me to styles of dance I never knew existed along with a wonderfully friendly, party-like atmosphere. I got into great shape, became an instructor and quit my day-job to focus on being the best instructor I could possibly be.

I’ve always hungered for knowledge, and as the health and fitness industry is young and ever-changing, I’m committed to staying on top of the latest scientific findings so my classes will be safe and effective in addition to being fun. I am Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Primary Group Exercise Certified and I hold Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness, and Fitness Nutrition Certifications from American Council on Exercise (ACE), as well as Barre Above™ and Tabata Bootcamp™ Certifications. I attend the IDEA World Fitness Convention – the biggest in the world – every year. I’m incredibly honored to be a member of both the Tabata Bootcamp™ and Barre Above™ Master Trainer teams. I am also Red Cross certified.

My small-group training studio is located at 160 N. Fairview Ave in Goleta, CA.

I’m passionate about staying active as we age, and I’d love to share my love of fitness with you. Please feel welcome to join the Fitness with Rachel family in one of my classes. Forget your troubles, smile and laugh with us. Love yourself enough to exercise, TODAY! I look forward to seeing you soon!